Pseudo Classes FTW

Most people who have written more than a few lines of CSS are familiar with pseudo classes. I use :hover in every stylesheet, :nth-child has been a savior on occasion, and I find :not() to be an elegant and readable solution for many layout problems. In this post I would like to discuss the :...

Don't Float the Mainstream

Floating elements is a very common technique when writing CSS. When I first learned about layout in CSS, using floats was the go-to practice. Today, I use floats as little as possible and only when necessary. My primary technique for laying out web pages is using inline-block.   A floated...

A Quick Guide to Mobile App Types

So you’ve decided to build an app. One of your first steps – if not the first step – in the design process needs to be deciding on the technical approach you will take to build it. From a development standpoint there are multiple options to pick from, each with their own unique benefits...

Client-Side Javascript Error Logging – The Forgotten Child of Website Development

As an ASP.NET developer I incorporate server-side error logging in the mission critical projects I work on to track unhandled exceptions and more. In my server side .NET world ELMAH is the go-to solution. It’s an open source error logging solution that is super easy to configure and use. I can’t...

User Experience Makes a Lovely Carrot, But Google Provides the Stick

All the sites we build today are mobile friendly (responsive). But that has not always been the case. We've been building websites since "smart phone" meant a phone, hidden in a shoe.We're proud to say we have a significant number of websites still humming happily along on decidedly older code bases. This speaks to the longevity of their effectiveness as well as to our long-term client relationships. It also illustrates an occasional reluctance to re-invest in improving and modernizing a critical marketing and communications tool.

Well, Google may force some modernization with their latest algorithm updates. According to Jim Stewart, SEO specialist and founder of Stew Art Media:



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