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Interactive Kiosks at the United States Air Force Academy

Client Since 2013

Starting with interactive displays for the Southeast Asia Pavilion/Plaza of Heroes on the Academy grounds, Chronos then partnered with the USAFA Association of Graduates and the Class of 1970 to create an equally engaging and content rich website.

Services Used


Memorial interactive displays

A project we’re incredibly proud of is the interactive touch-screen displays we built to chronicle the Air Force Academy graduates and the missions they flew during the Vietnam conflict. Located at the Southeast Asia Memorial Pavilion, a set of three displays provide interactive timelines to learn more about the Air Force operations, Air Force Graduates and their personal stories during the period of 1946 to 1977.


Additional interactive displays

An additional set of two interactive displays complement an 800-pound bronze map, which depicts the Ho Chi Minh Trail and the Southeast Asia theater of operations. Locations depicted on the map are explained on the two interactive touch screens on either side of the map, along with the history of air operations.

More to Come.

Ongoing support

In June 2020, a new Southeast Asia bronze map and a complete second set of all interactive screen displays have now been installed on the third floor of Fairchild Hall at USAFA. Funded by the Class of 1970, in conjunction with the Air Force Academy Foundation, the impressive map and the interactive screens match what's on display at the SEA Pavilion along the Heritage Trail. The display was added in Fairchild to improve Cadet Wing access to this unique information. Additional support will start in 2021.

“One of the most fulfilling projects we have been involved in. We loved the technical and creative challenge of developing custom designs, unique UI/UX experiences and programming for all the touchscreen displays and website. Additionally, we were honored to work with an extraordinary team of 1970’s graduates and the wonderful and unique content — especially the personal stories — that they provided. We are excited to continue to support the effort of preserving these eye-witness accounts and honor the US AirForce heritage.”
~ Stelios, Principal/Owner