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Ride Designs

Ride Designs is the leader in the development and provision of highly effective seating systems for wheelchair users. When the time came to overhaul their online presence, they approached Chronos for help with the task. Through the course of our Discovery process, we determined there were three major goals that the redesign needed to accomplish. First and foremost, it had to appeal to Ride's three distinct audience bases (users, clinicians, and suppliers). Next, the site architecture was in need of an overhaul to make navigation more user-friendly. Finally, it was important the site had a bright, modern interface that underscored Ride's market position as a premiere wheelchair seating provider.

Services Used

Multiple Audiences

A little something for everyone

The Ride website posed a unique challenge in that it needed to appeal to three distinct audiences: Product end users, who are interested in general information and user stories; Clinicians, who come looking for research and data; and suppliers, who need product specs and funding information. One way we solved this was to put a tabbed module on each product page to make it easy for each group to find what they were looking for at a glance.

User Stories

Peer recommendation is key

When shopping for a new seating system, wheelchair users often turn to their peers for help in making a decision. To that end, we created a User Story section on the Ride website where real Ride users can tell their story, in their own words. To help drive traffic to this section, several teaser modules were created and sprinkled throughout the site.

Resource Library

More information, less frustration

The previous Ride website contained a wealth of information in the form of brochures, data sheets, videos, order forms, user guides, and more. The problem was that all of these assets were scattered throughout the site and difficult to locate. Our solution was to create a central resource library to house them and implement a series of filters to help users quickly find exactly what they were looking for.