Not just doing. Thinking.

Our company is not one where each project is just another product: We ask the questions nobody else thinks of, focus on the strategy before the execution, and sweat the details that make a good result great. We create superior functionality and user experience to showcase your business on the web, in mobile applications, rich media solutions and print collateral.

We live and breathe interactive, and have since 1997. You could say we’ve been around the block a time or two — and we take pride in helping our clients negotiate the next corner. If you need a company that understands technology and the market, and delivers a product that helps you achieve your goals, look no further.

We're Hiring

FED Position Available

Chronos Interactive Media is seeking an experienced Freelance Front End Developer to assist with both new and existing projects. This position will be writing code to bring design and functionality ideas to life.

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More devices, less effort

Mobile devices are becoming more and more the Web browsers of choice, and this trend will only continue. Is your website optimized for mobile devices? Our expertise in Responsive Web Design provides you the flexibility to seamlessly deliver your website across these handheld devices with a singular, dynamic solution.

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Partner with an industry leader

Calnetix utilizes innovative, high-speed technologies to help Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) meet industry demand for more energy-efficient products. We created a site that appeals to executives and engineers alike, with multi-level content that extends from simple product overviews to detailed technical data.

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Brian Potter - Web Magician

We're dedicated to creating rich interactive, highly functional websites, and Brian's skills facilitate the entire range of development. As a user interface programming guru, Brian produces incomparable HTML, CSS and Javascript code. Put on his Drupal hat, and he develops flexible, extensible content management systems for highly customized web applications.

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Built to make your life easier

We build each system to be client and project specific, allowing those who manage content to have a better user experience. Using Drupal's dynamic platform and leading-edge developer community, we can confidently design intuitive systems for the ever-changing world that is the Web.

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