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Cupertino Electric

Cupertino Electric is one of the largest specialty contractors in the nation and is renowned for designing, procuring, constructing, installing, commissioning, and maintaining complex electrical systems. We were engaged to create a rich interactive, highly structured Content Management System to support their new in-house website design. The CEI website is extensive and visually impactful. It showcases more than 100 projects, each with detailed data and photo galleries. It is maintained entirely by CEI staff, thanks to the custom Drupal CMS upon which it is deployed.

Services Used

Robust Portfolio Modules

It's not bragging if it's true

Cupertino Electric, Inc. (CEI) has an impressive—and extensive—portfolio of projects. We created a sortable, searchable inventory of their showcase work to allow visitors to quickly target specific types of projects and learn about CEI's expertise.

Scalable Project Data

Rich data enhances user experience

Each project features 17 attributes, which provides a highly structured environment for consistently communicating about CEI's work, while also providing sorting and categorizing capability. An image gallery, client logo and visual "related project" display create a pleasing and graphically rich display.

Interactive Information

Animations bring data alive

A simple timeline becomes a rich interactive experience when animations and effects encourage exploration. The result: site visitors get more information, because the compelling implementation invites clicks...the impressive history of CEI's 100 years of historic development get the exposure they deserve.