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Calnetix Technologies

Client Since 2014

Calnetix Technologies, LLC. has developed and introduced numerous disruptive high-speed rotational device innovations for a variety of applications and industries. We have created four unique websites for Calnetix and its subsidiaries over the years. Working with the excellent marketing team at Calnetix, and helping spread the word about their amazing technologies, is what makes our work fun!

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Services Used


Drupal 8 Headless.

Chronos was an early adopter of the decoupled (or “headless”) Drupal approach, with our first decoupled sites dating to 2016. For Calnetix's upgrade to Drupal 8, we sought to optimize performance and front-end scalability by creating a dynamic React application, paired with an entirely custom data translation layer. The result allows Calnetix's content management team to utilize the mature and robust Drupal 8 CMS, while our front-end dev team is free to flex their muscles, unhindered by Drupal's restrictive TWIG templating requirements. 

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Our design team had the job of creating an attractive, contemporary user interface featuring thousands of words and multiple technical illustrations on every page—effectively a digital text book. Fortunately, we have a great working relationship with Calnetix's outstanding marketing team, and together we were able to conceive a variety of discrete and visually engaging content modules. By constructing pages with combinations of these space-saving components, a site that deepens engagement while disseminating vast quantities of engineering speak was achieved. 

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“The Calnetix team always does an amazing job preparing their content and outlining their vision. This allows us to really focus on what we do best. The result is an innovative and informative site like this recently completed headless Drupal CMS.”
~ Max, Principal/Owner