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Calnetix Technologies is a global leader in the design and manufacture of energy-efficient high-speed motor and generator technologies, components, and systems. They approached us when they outgrew their inflexible and dated website. Their goals: improve qualified lead generation, reinforce their market position, and communicate their unique product and service offerings clearly. We did a deep dive Discovery into their business and market prospectus, clarified their core digital marketing success vectors, and designed and developed a custom Drupal CMS to take them to the next level.

Services Used

Designed With a Purpose

Target identified, target acquired

Our discovery process revealed specific messaging necessary to communicate with Calnetix's core audience. We built the home page around the themes of energy-efficiency, experience, and capacity. Reinforcing those messages, interactive factoids reveal the value propositions that differentiate Calnetix.

Applications & Industries

Get to the information, easily

Calnetix's technology has broad applications and benefits, and communicating directly to the specific interests of the site users presented a challenge. An interactive, sortable, visually compelling data grid provides direct assess to relevant information for each potential customer, and communicates the scope of applications Calnetix supports.

Dynamic Resource Targeting

An intelligent asset library

There is a great deal of supporting documentation, videos, datasheets, and whitepapers for each of Calnetix's products. We created a robust resource library to provide a single point of management for all of the website's resources, while at the same time allowing the content managers tight control over where and how each of these assets are displayed.