We Are Chronos.

The Team

The environment at Chronos is highly collaborative, and we’re fortunate to have a team of energetic, creative individuals who genuinely enjoy working together. Everybody at Chronos is multi-talented (it's just a fact!), and we strive to take full advantage of that luxury. There are no walls between our clients and our team—direct engagement is the rule not the exception. Nobody at Chronos is just a cog in the machine, and it is the breadth of experience and remarkable skills of our staff that lets us shine.

Jamie Alden

Art Director

Jamie has over 10 years of experience creating and implementing designs across print and digital formats. Though design is her passion she also has an extensive background in marketing and branding. When not at Chronos Jamie enjoys getting lost in a book, attempting to play the guitar, knitting, and hiking.

Mohammad AlQanneh

Sr. Drupal Developer

Mohammad has been a contract employee with Chronos for more than 5 years. He is dedicated, productive and always brings a positive attitude to his work. He’s a highly skilled frontend and backend developer who has a talent for understanding technical problems, and the unique ability to explain solutions to the clients.

Max Donnelly


Grizzled veteran Web developer, interaction design obsessive, opinionated marketing armchair quarterback – Max wears many hats. He focuses most of his energy and 20 years of website development experience on ensuring our Web products exceed expectations. When he takes a break Max gets outdoors with his wife and daughters, hops on his bike or plays ice hockey.

Tim Hankinson

Web Developer

Bass player and mountain of a man, Tim has been building websites almost as long as he has been playing music. His first websites were developed for his various bands, and he discovered a love of web development and online technologies in general. More than ten years later, Tim is an accomplished Drupal developer with chops in HTML/CSS and UI programming.

Sarah E. Scott

Project Manager

Our project manager, Sarah is well versed in CMS capabilities and is our go-to coordinator for content integration, quality assurance, user approval testing and site launch management. She has 10+ years experience managing projects and working with WordPress and Drupal.

Monica Spigarelli

Office Manager

Monica joined the Chronos team in early 2015 as their first-ever Office Manager. In addition to keeping all these hooligans in check, she is also in charge of Accounting, Hospitality, Human Resources, Facilities, and general office administration. While out of the office, her main passion is to travel, both nationally and internationally. She also loves going to live music, camping, hiking and yoga.

Stelios Stylianou


Stelios began his career developing educational multimedia software and computer education courses in Europe. He has nearly 20 years of experience in interactive rich media development and technologies. He founded Chronos Interactive in 2001. Stelios loves spending time with his wife and daughters (and his bicycle which he considers a member of the family).

Jordan Sullivan

Sr. Web Developer

Jordan has 10 years’ experience working as a full-stack developer, five of those as a senior developer. Because of Jordan’s previous experience as a UI/UX designer, he’s able to understand how a website should work and is able to execute that flawlessly. Without question, Jordan is one of the best front end developers Chronos has worked with in our long history.

Paul Thanataweenont

Jr. Web Developer

New to the Chronos team, Paul has quickly become an integral part of strategy concerning front end website development. He has established best coding practices, a sustained knowledge base around the current web and front-end practices, and problem-solving skills. He’s even taken on some backend tasks building up his Drupal knowledge.


Colorado is an amazing state to call home, and the Denver area is teeming with opportunities both outdoors and in. Bike tours, lunch rides, ski days, afternoon escapes to catch (and make) live music, fishing holidays, mountain road rallies — all are embraced and encouraged at Chronos Interactive. We're proud of our ability to put our clients first, yet never neglect our own quality of life. It's a delicate balance, but for more than a decade we have made it a foundational part of our business.

We like to bike

To say we're cycling enthusiasts is a bit of an understatement. At least half of our team bikes to work on a frequent basis (our art director even puts her dog in a bike basket). In addition, several of us are regular participants in Ride the Rockies, Pedal the Plains and The Triple Bypass Bicycle Ride—sporting our Chronos Interactive jerseys, naturally. According to The League of American Bicyclists, Colorado is the country's 7th most bike-friendly state, and Forbes rates Denver as the 4th most bike-friendly city. Colorado is widely noted for our spectacular mountains, but the assumption that all pedaling here is up-and-down misses the mark. Of Denver's more than 500 miles of bike lanes and routes, the vast majority are flat or feature mild inclines. If you're looking for a lung-busting road ride, two of our favorites are Lookout Mountain and High Grade, both of which can be accessed by bike in less than an hour from the west side of town. Denver's a great bike town!

We're a little bit rock 'n roll

Between Red Rocks and smaller indie venues, Denver offers a multitude of opportunities for live music, and we take full advantage. Not a weekend goes by where at least one of us hasn't been to a concert—or played in one. Our tastes are eclectic, and that's perfect for Denver, because there is no definitive "Denver sound." The bands here don't all sound the same, and there is a thriving local music scene. When it comes to big acts, Denver is on the map for almost every major touring band thanks to our geographic location and venues.

We perambulate.

Whether it's a long walk with the dogs, or a multi-day trek through the backcountry, there are few better ways to enjoy Colorado's magnificence than on foot. Downtown Denver is compact and her historic districts and rejuvenated Lodo are accessible and loaded with sights and sounds, cafes, restaurants, bars and more. Our offices are a short walk south of the vibrant Sante Fe Arts District, and on the west side of The Baker District and Broadway's restaurants and nightclubs. Living in Denver, you're never more than a short drive from the well-maintained Front Range hiking trails, and the backcountry opens up with seemingly endless and magnificent mountain trails less than an hour's drive west. Our team has seen at least two wedding proposals (and acceptances!) on mountain hiking trails, and as Nietsche said, “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” And so, we walk on!

We hoist a pint, now and then.

According to the Colorado Brewers Guild, our state boasts 300+ breweries and brewpubs, and the number grows every week. The net effect of this booming growth is almost endless variety for those with a taste for the world's third most popular drink (we also drink water and tea, so we've got the top three covered). Whether it's a nice seasonal ale over a team lunch or a post-workday brew at the office or a nearby pub, we (responsibly) enjoy the benefits of life in this beer-crazed state. Some of our Colorado favorites include Lone Tree Brewery, where Brian has a Cheers-like residence, and pretty much anything from Longmont's venerable Oskar Blues Brewery. Of course, our love for music and hiking/walking makes for a natural pairing to our affair with the world's oldest prepared beverage. As Thomas Jefferson noted, "Beer, if drunk in moderation, softens the temper, cheers the spirit and promotes health."