The Complexities Some Sites Face & Chronos Stepping up Our Game

With Drupal 7’s end-of-life date approaching, Proofpoint turned to the Chronos team to perform a complicated online tango: Upgrade the technology platform supporting the website from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8, while simultaneously redesigning significant portions of the UI and extending a robust... — A Powerful New Website for a Technology Innovator

SiTime is transforming the timing industry with their MEMS technology. They wanted a contemporary, powerful website to convey the message of their game-changing innovations, while at the same time supporting a complex and extensive product catalog.

After completing an audit of their...

Delphix Home Page Redesign

Delphix's new home page is live, and looking good.

User Experience Makes a Lovely Carrot, But Google Provides the Stick

All the sites we build today are mobile friendly (responsive). But that has not always been the case. We've been building websites since "smart phone" meant a phone, hidden in a shoe.We're proud to say we have a significant number of websites still humming happily along on decidedly older code bases. This speaks to the longevity of their effectiveness as well as to our long-term client relationships. It also illustrates an occasional reluctance to re-invest in improving and modernizing a critical marketing and communications tool.

Well, Google may force some modernization with their latest algorithm updates. According to Jim Stewart, SEO specialist and founder of Stew Art Media:

Tesla Home Battery: SolarCity is a Key Player in Game-Changing Energy Infrastructure Shift

One of our favorite "perks" is working with great companies that are at the bleeding edge of impactful technologies and services. Whether it's Calnetix's amazing magnetic bearing products, TUCC's robotic surgery and life-saving cancer treatment options, or SKYDEX's military blast mitigation...



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