Delphix Home Page Redesign

Delphix's new home page is live, and looking good.

Hosting and DevOps

In light of the recent GitLab fiasco in which someone accidentally deleted 300GB of their production database, it's worth pointing out there's a reason some...

Chronos Wins Omni Awards

We are proud to announce that Chronos Interactive has earned three Omni Awards for excellence in website development. Two Golds were awarded for the Calnetix and BluHomes websites—a distinction achieved by less than 5% of all entries—and a Silver was awarded to SolarCity Careers.

Chronos Holiday Party 2015

We hope everyone had a fun and safe time celebrating the holidays and closing out 2015! The Chronos team held their holiday party near downtown Denver with some delicious BBQ food, trivia hour, billiards and taking shots from a shot ski (how Colorado of us). 


Pseudo Classes FTW

Most people who have written more than a few lines of CSS are familiar with pseudo classes. I use :hover in every stylesheet, :nth-child has been a savior on occasion, and I find :not() to be an elegant and readable solution for many layout problems. In this post I would like to discuss the :...



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